Are you LEADING your life or ACCEPTING your life?


-Are you frustrated, feeling imprisoned to the way things are?

-Have you added employees, but the weight is still on your shoulders?

-Do you feel unfulfilled and not appreciated?

-Do you wish you had more time and a balance between work and family?

-Do you have a plan for your retirement years or just hope it will play out?

-Do you wish things were different, but don’t know where to start?


John was frustrated with employees that didn’t seem to like him and were constantly bickering! 

Through one-on-one coaching with us,

John realized he needed to develop better relational skills.   John learned that “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”  As he learned how to develop relationships with his employees, he began to see his employees as teammates who cared for him and each other!

Susan had a “To do” list a mile long and she couldn’t understand why her employees seemed to be out of sync and seldom on the same page.

Through individual coaching and team consulting with us,

Susan realized that her leadership ability would determine the level of effectiveness with her team. As she began to regularly invest time to grow in her leadership skills, the team began to understand the vision and their roles in that vision.  They started to have fun together!

Dave was a burned out, control freak who was in the habit of making every decision. He was irritated and disappointed his staff couldn’t lighten his load.

Our coaching relationship has been eye opening!

Dave has discovered that equipping doesn’t just happen. He has developed an intentional, strategic plan to equip his team.  As a result, he now appreciates his teammates and they are helping him carry the load of responsibility.

Janice felt lost and was wandering in her first year of retirement. She had a sound financial plan but she did not have a plan on how to spend her time.

Through Life Transition coaching with us,

Janice was able to create a balanced life plan that helped her prioritize “me” time while allowing  her time to utilize her gifts and vast life experiences to bless her and the people around her. 


Are you feeling imprisoned by your current situation?  We at FREEDOM INFINITE will help you discover an INFINITE FREEDOM that will set you free to soar like you always dreamed!


So how do you start?


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