Meet Your Coach . . . Rod Knoerr


When I left Dental School and purchased the practices of two retiring dentists, I combined their staffs and accompanying cultures.   The combined staff was greatly concerned with meeting my expectations and feared the unknown. To alleviate their concern, I tried to chart a course that would help them understand my vision and their roles in that vision.

 After 8 years as a dentist,  I followed my heart and left dentistry for 10 years where I obtained a Masters of Divinity degree and served as a pastor in 3 churches. I quickly discovered that leading a volunteer organization required leadership skills I needed to obtain. I realized having a good idea is one thing; implementing it with a group of volunteers is quite another thing. Through the leadership resources of John C. Maxwell, I acquired the skills I drastically needed.  In 1999 as the founding pastor of a new church, I made equipping leaders a priority from day one.  The key to the growth of that church was definitely the leadership development emphasis!

 Returning to dentistry, I again purchased the dental practices of two retiring dentists.   The process of combining these practices and creating a team that worked well together was faster and much smoother. The investment I had made in myself to grow as a leader made the difference.  Strategic planning, staff equipping and empowerment, along with improved communication skills allowed me to take a team from good to great!

 My greatest passion and joy is when I help others realize their potential so they in turn can better influence those around them. My focus has always been about connecting and encouraging people.  During my years in church work, I developed a concept called LIGHT groups. This was 8-12 people who desire to grow and encourage each other while gathering regularly to help  illuminate each other’s lives! It was so exciting to watch people realize their potential and dreams as they related in these groups.         

 Becoming certified in 2015, as a John Maxwell Team coach, trainer and speaker was the perfect way for me to leverage my past experiences and maximize my ability to help others grow as leaders and ultimately impact the world around them.

My wife Beth and I live in Marshall, MI near all 5 of our married children and their families.  I  am very active in the Men’s ministry of our church.

I founded Freedom Infinite Coaching and Consulting to free people and organizations from ACCEPTING the life they are stuck in, to LEADING the life they were meant to experience!


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